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Nomad5 at NCEP's Environmental Modeling Center


Description of NOAA's NOMADS servers hosting NCEP model data

NOAA Operational Model Archive Distribution System


High Availability NOMADS server at Web Operations Center -- http://nomads.ncep.noaa.gov

*****The following real time NOMADS servers at NCEP are NOT high availability.

Real Time NCEP NOMADS server at NCEP -- nomad5: at http://nomad5.ncep.noaa.gov

Real Time NCEP NOMADS server at NCEP -- nomad3: at http://nomad3.ncep.noaa.gov

Real Time NCEP NOMADS server at NCEP -- nomad1: at http://nomad1.ncep.noaa.gov

NOMADS Archive server at NCDC -- Some near real time model output as well: http://nomads.ncdc.noaa.gov

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  NOMADS Server Status Internal access only

nomad5, this server,

Latest updated 20140912 (NOMADS Outages!) announcement
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  The more complete guide: NOMADS_requirements_JA_for_EMC-2.html ||
to Implement a dataset on the high availability NOMADS server
Drafts of NOMADS_Service_Description_08202008-ja.pdf ||
for the NOMADS High Availability Server Project and
Public_Info_2008.pdf ||
Scheduled for end of 2008.

  NOMADS Ensemble Change Notice: testing with "a" files
nomad3 - providing most data sets, including half degree gfs data
nomad5 - providing limited data sets, including rotating GFS.
nomad6 - providing CFS. ftp and http only.
cfs - providing CFS. ftp and http only.
nomads6.ncdc.noaa.gov backup for nomad3 and 5

NCDC NOMADS Change Notice: Server Port numbers changing...

Caution: this web server is in testing mode. Applications are being developed
and we are using it for live testing.
Forecasts may not be current and historical data may not be complete.

Want DATA?

Comprehensive forecast archives and reanalysis-2 daily archives on this machine.

DIMES catalog search server for NOMADS -- To find the data you need.

Model Archive Data Access - Web Interface Table of Contents at NCDC -- the NOMADS Archive component

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