Attention NCDC-NOMADS users,

The NCDC NOMADS servers will soon undergo a reconfiguration that will change the way users access data. These changes will simplify and stabilize the Uniform Resource Locators (URLs) used across the NOMADS systems; and most importantly will remove the need for specific port numbers to access data. This way future NOMADS systems changes will be transparent to users.

Users will need to modify any stored URLs they have for accessing the NCDC NOMADS suite of servers which contain specific references to port numbers. (Note: these changes will have no impact on the NCEP suite of NOMADS servers.)

A transition period will be used to allow users to modify their access scripts. From the period Tuesday, August 19th, 2008 to September 01, 2008, the existing access points will remain in parallel with the new configuration, which is currently in place. On September 02, 2008 all URLs that contain port numbers will be discontinued.

We urge users now to change their bookmarks, OPeNDAP applications, URL references in upcoming publications, or access scripts of any kind to remove all port numbers from their links and substitute the following:


Current URL


Ensemble Probability Tool

GrADS Data Server (GDS)

Live Access Server (LAS)

SRRS / NCEP Charts

Thredds Data Server (TDS)